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Do you want to become a model? Or are you curious to see if you have the potential to become a model?

Don't hesitate! Send us an email at - if interested we will get back to you within 1 week.

*Please note we do not do WALK-INS, only by appointment.


The requirements are as follows:

Female Models

Aged 16+

Height: 170cm-181cm

Male Models

Aged 16+

Height: 184cm-191cm

Non-Binary Models

Aged 18+

Height: 174cm-191cm

Sending polaroids:

Please wear a black (tank)top, jeans and boots or heels.

No make-up!

- Portrait front

- Portrait side 

- Half body image

- Full body image

See examples on the right!

It is not necessary to take these images with a professional camera.

Simply grabbing your mobile phone and taking such photos will suffice.

If you have experience with modeling, please send those images as well!

modellenbureau Eindhoven foto sturen model worden Eindhoven model worden Nederland become a model Eindhoven the Netherlands
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