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Height 181
Bust 82
Waist 64
Hips 94

Hair Brown
Eyes Brown


Get to know Maeva!

Next to my Dutch roots, I am also half French. Thanks to being raised bilingual I feel a strong connection with different cultures and I enjoy learning about them.

In my free time I like to write and draw, I delve into spirituality and psychology, and love going to the gym for yoga and pilates.

Music plays a significant role in my life; it brings me joy and a sense of freedom.

Since childhood, I've nurtured the desire to help others. It feels like one of my life goals, and I hope to assist even more people in the future.

Traveling, meeting new people, and exploring different cultures have always inspired and fascinated me. I look forward to all the new adventures I have yet to experience!

Want to work with Maeva? Send an email to with your inquiry!

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